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  “To love God and reach people and assist in ministering to the deeds of the church and community.”

We are servants set aside for the purpose of assisting the Pastor in caring for the membership. Our duties include, but are not limited to, visiting the sick and the bereaved, leading a fervent prayer life for the benefit of the Church body, assisting Baptism, serving the Holy Communion, assisting members with needs or securing the appropriate resources to meet these needs.

Over 2,000 years ago, the Holy Spirit spoke a word to His Holy Apostles and told them how to order, organize ad ordain the Early Church. The word the Holy Spirit spoke in the 6th chapter of the book of Acts was the word deacon. For indeed one of the offices that was instituted by the Holy Spirit and revered within the early Church was the office of the Deacon. As ordained Deacons our mission is to serve Christ and assist our Pastor in serving the entire Church family and community in a Godly manner. We view ourselves as a group of consecrated men under girding the Pastor and supporting the entire program of the Church and denomination.

Members of the Deacon Ministry

  • Bill Perry – Chairman
  • Terrence Ray Wilkes
  • David Brooks
  • James Hardaway
  • David Perry, Jr.
(L to R) James Hardaway, Bill Perry, Ray Wilkes, David Brooks, David Perry Jr.

(L to R) James Hardaway, Bill Perry, Terence Wilkes, David Brooks, David Perry Jr.